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The Lexington Group EAP at a Glance

The Lexington Group Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is an employer-sponsored service established as a certified women owned enterprise in 2000. The EAP benefit is a voluntary program which helps employees and their family household members obtain professional counseling support for mental and emotional well-being. Examples of such problems include family and marital conflicts, stress, substance abuse, depression, and other emotional issues. The Lexington Group also assists with referrals for eldercare support, child care, as well as legal and financial guidance. In addition to employee assistance, the program also provides related organizational development services, management consultations and trainings. As a privately held corporation, we take pride in flexible customer driven service.

Our Network: Over 5,500 Clinical Service Sites

The Lexington Group has over 350 clinical service sites in CT and over 5,500 clinical service sites nationally. This network of professionals ensures that our clients are seen in a convenient location. We credential additional clinicians in specific local areas to satisfy the needs of any client or customer. ​The Lexington Group is also accustomed to coordinating with the insurance carriers of its clients. Evening and Saturday appointments are routinely available. All clinicians have earned at least a Master’s Degree in psychology or the social sciences, are licensed, and are capable of handling a broad spectrum of personal difficulties. These include substance abuse, stress related disorders, marital and family conflicts, depression, anxiety, grief and other emotional situations.


The Lexington Group is responsive to the diversity of the employees that it serves.  Our network is likewise diversified, in terms of gender, language, race and ethnic backgrounds. Specialists are available when needed, in areas such as substance abuse professionals (SAPs), adolescent, or geriatric issues. 

24/7 Clinical Intake and Assessment

The Lexington Group maintains dedicated national and international help lines to service all customers. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year by one of our 80 Master’s level intake counselors. This ensures employees receive immediate support anytime the need arises. We’ve taken several extraordinary steps to ensure the clinical integrity of our clinical intake and triage services.


Master's Level Mental Health Professionals

For non-emergent EAP calls, any time of the day or any day of the week, the intake counselors gather pertinent information or an employee can fill out a confidential form online at to request service. A client is then referred to one of our EAP counselors who specialize in the problem being presented for assessment. The same client may use the EAP multiple times with no restrictions.

Case Management: Referral, Evaluation, and Follow-up

After speaking with one of our case managers about the nature of the problem, an employee or household family member will be given a referral to schedule a meeting with a counselor at a convenient time and location. Face-to-face assessments or online counseling are typically scheduled within 24 hours of intake.  There is no cost to the employee for these EAP covered sessions. If an individual elects to continue face-to-face counseling beyond the available EAP sessions, they are already connected with a counselor who takes their group health insurance.

In addition to traditional face-to-face counseling, individuals may also elect the option of online counseling. Access to online counseling is available by video, phone, and messaging. Online counseling provides employees with an alternative for quality and convenient care to fit their lifestyle. The online/video counseling option is risk-free; if at any point an individual wishes to opt-out of the service, they will provided with a referral for face-to-face counseling and their covered EAP sessions will reset.

We follow-up with the client within 24 to 48 hours to insure they have been able to schedule an appointment. If more care is needed, a Case Manager will follow the client’s progress and adherence to the recommended treatment plan. A Case Manager always remains in a position to service any additional needs that may surface during treatment.

Crisis and Trauma Response

The occurrence and impact of critical incidents transpiring at work has received worldwide attention. Critical incidents are not just limited to violent situations. Unforeseen or startling events that have a strong effect on employees, such as accidents or employee deaths, are also considered critical incidents. These episodes can leave individuals and entire organizations shaken and sometimes immobilized. Productivity is reduced, morale is threatened, and health care costs often increase. The effects of critical incidents can have serious financial and legal implications as well.

The Lexington Group is prepared to respond to these events at the request of a designated manager. Our goal is to quickly determine the extent of the crisis and the most effective response to assist employees and the organization to return to normal functioning.

In addition to our response strategy, we can prepare your organization for these events through training and pre-crisis planning. The Lexington Group will also work cooperatively with you to resolve the impact traumatic events can have on your organization.

Organization Development & Consultation for Management

The successful management of problematic behavior on the job depends upon the awareness of supervisors and their ability to act in a constructive, remedial way. Training managers and supervisors to handle these complex situations is an integral part of this proposal. In addition to training, The Lexington Group is available 24/7 to consult with managers and supervisors on organizational issues and group cases as they occur. Our staff includes individuals with extensive Human Resource, Organizational Development and Administrative experience with major Corporations. Our experience includes both direct employment and consulting relationships.

Employers invest in The Lexington Group to:

The Labor Department reports EAPs reduce:

Work related accidents by 65%
Lost time by 40%
Sick leave usage by 33%
Workers’ comp claims by 30%

Did you know?

Thank you for thinking of The Lexington Group EAP. To request more information for your organization, call our business office at 800-571-0197 x 239 or fill out the form below and we will contact you with more details.

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