The Lexington Group Employee Assistance Program

Helping People Since 1989

    ♦ A confidential service for help with any personal concerns.
    ♦ We cover over 225,000 people.
    ♦ We assist employees with unresolved problems to return to full productivity.
    ♦ Consultation and training to resolve conflicts in the workplace.
    ♦ Help Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    ♦ Clinical Intake & Crisis Response answered live by Master Level Counselors.
    ♦ 2,500 National Clinical Service Sites Providing Face-to Face Counseling


The EAP provides professional and confidential help for any personal problem like:

    ♦ Marital and Family Difficulties
    ♦ Emotional Stress
    ♦ Addictive Disorders
    ♦ Problems at Work
    ♦ Elder Care
    ♦ Financial or Legal Concerns