Why you should have EAP

Why you should have an EAP

Employers invest The Lexington Group to:
♦ Assist employees experiencing personal difficulties
♦ Increase workplace productivity and morale
♦ Support retention and recruitment
♦ Reduce medical costs

The Labor Department reports EAPs reduce:
♦ Sick leave usage by 33%
♦ Work related accidents by 65%
♦ Workers’ compensation claims by 30%
♦ Lost time by 40%

Did you know?
♦ The average employee spends 53 hours on the job per year resolving family-related events.
♦ Over the next decade, from 10% to 18% of employees will be caring for elderly family members. About 1/5 will quit their jobs
♦ 1/3rd of the workforce cares for children under 18
♦ The American Bar Association states that more than half the employees in a typical workforce will experience a legal or financial issue involving “life events” each year

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